Family Dentistry

At Comprehensive Dental Care, we have a place for every member of the family. Kids, teens and adults can all receive high quality dental care at every stage of dentistry. If you are in search of a family dentist in Crown Point, IN, call our office today! 

Children’s Dentistry

Creating good dental memories from a young age is important! Many patients have dental fears because of bad past dental experiences when they were younger. Finding a good family dentist who really cares about each member of your family is a good way to create healthy dental habits that will stick for years to come. Teaching your child good dental habits, answering any questions you may have and making dental care fun are just a few of the ways we help children build a healthy foundation for their smile! Additionally, children’s dentistry helps ensure that your little one is developing well and keeps their tiny teeth healthy and free of problems!

Preventative Care

The best way to have a healthy smile is to keep up on preventative dental care. We recommend scheduling dental check-ups every six months. Consistent dental check-ups can help your dentist catch dental issues early. Professional cleanings keep your smile clear from plaque and tartar buildup. X-rays also show your dentist problems so they can be treated early. In addition to regular visits, dental sealants and fluoride treatments can protect and strengthen your smile. These can be applied during a regular appointment and are especially helpful for those who have trouble keeping the hard to reach areas of the mouth clean. 

Care for the Whole Family

No matter the age, Comprehensive Dental Care is ready to help the entire family. Children, teens and adults can find exactly what they need to maintain a healthy smile and work toward any dental goals. Take care of the whole family under one roof. We offer early morning hours and even some Saturday appointments so you can get your care on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Call our office today to get started!

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